Apparently, we have been “hammered” lately with Brazil real estate data from everywhere, hence our recent wave of posts on this issue (read our recent posts here, here and here). 
According to an article today at IstoE magazine (“Chegou a Hora de Baixar os Precos“), the commercial real estate rental price in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is more expensive than New York and Madrid. The graph below shows the monthly rental price per square meter:
Other numbers to consider:
85%: the price appreciation of new apartments in Sao Paulo between April 2009 and October 2011 – a 25% yearly growth;
32%: the price appreciation of apartments in Rio de Janeiro (Grande Tijuca) in the last six months alone. The article above claims that “the upward trend is due to the Olimpics 2016” that will take place in Rio;
And to wrap-up, we show here the Brazilian homebuilders stock price “blood bath” year-to-date:

For a detailed report on the home builders, read this earlier post.

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