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A recent article at CNBC showed how the Italian government is rewarding its Olympics athletes with the world’s highest payout in case they win medals. The question is why a country that is struggling to cut its spending would be so generous.

Here is more about the Italians’ non-sense:

“Raising eyebrows, Italy is paying $182,400 to any Italian who wins a gold medal. That’s the highest payout in the world.

In second place is Russia, paying nearly $135,000. Third is France paying $ 65,200. 

… China reportedly offers $31,400 to gold medal winners, while Japan rewards them with $35,900, Canada gives $20,000, and Germany, just less than that, at $19,500 for a gold.

In the U.S., gold medal winners get $25,000, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze. This is not government money, it’s paid by the U.S. Olympic Committee.”

Is it just crazy or what? It just contrasts with the “sobriety” of other countries, like the US. For instance, amateur American swimmer Missy Franklin, who is still in high school, will owe $14,000 in taxes for her gold and silver medals.

Source: CNBC

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