Despite serial corruption allegations, the old guard of corrupt politicians just keeps coming back. And Brazilians seem to have just been taken for fools.

Here’s from a recent “The Economist” article:

“Mr Calheiros is the latest example of a well-established Brazilian phenomenon: the politician who can survive any number of seemingly killer blows. Paulo Maluf, found guilty of overbilling and taking kickbacks in the 1990s as São Paulo’s mayor, is so notorious that malufar has entered the Portuguese language, meaning “to steal from public funds”. He was elected to Congress in 2006 and is still there. José Genoino and Francisco Tenório, respectively found guilty of bribery (in the mensalão) and under investigation for murder, have just replaced congressmen who stepped down to become mayors. In total, a third of Brazil’s lawmakers have either been convicted or are being investigated for crimes ranging from vote-buying to theft to slave-holding.

Many Brazilians are perfectly happy to vote for such people… 

Brazilians still have hope that the political zombies can be laid to rest.”

Source: The Economist

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