Sony has recently revealed that PlayStation 4 will cost a staggering R$3,999 in Brazil when it launches this November, which is equivalent to about US$1,850. To put that outrageous price into context, PlayStation 4 will launch in the US at $399.99, in the UK at £349, and in mainland Europe at €399.

The R$3,999 price caused uproar in social networks during the weekend, Valor reported. Consumers went online to criticize and joke about Sony’s strategy. On Monday, Mr. Stanley even put a post on the official PlayStation blog in an attempt to appease customers. “Thank you all who shared their comments about the high price of PS4 in Brazil. We are also frustrated with the R$4,000 price, and will soon be able to show its reasons. Thank you for your passion and stay tuned for more information,” he wrote.

According to Sony, 63% of the new console’s price (R$2,524) corresponds to taxes. This includes import duties of 20%, Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) of 50% plus sales taxes and social contributions.

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