In 2011, Vale stole from Petrobras the top spot as the largest profit maker among Brazilian companies. According to Economatica, the earnings from the mining giant totaled R$37.8 billion last year while Petrobras earned R$33.3 billion. According to Economatica, this list could still include Eletrobras among the largest profit makers, but the utility giant has not yet published the results of 2011.

Rank below…

1. Vale (R$37.8 billion)

2. Petrobras (R$33.3 billion)

3. Itau Unibanco (R$14.6 billion)

4. Banco do Brasil (R$12.1 billion)

5. Bradesco (R$11.02 billion)

6. Ambev (R$8.6 billion)

7. Banco Santander (R$6.6 billion)

8. Itausa (R$5.3 billion)

9. Telefonica Brasil (R$4.3 billion)

10. CSN (R$3.67 billion)

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