If you believe it’s time to sell, you’re in a pretty lofty club — Jeff Gundlach, Bill Gross and Carl Icahn are all members, just to name three. Many investors, in fact, have taken up the bearish cause, yanking money from U.S.-focused stocks and shifting it overseas.

But not only was the S&P 500 up 6.7 percent year- to date heading into Monday trading, but it has staged a 19 percent rally off the February closing low.

Here are the big-name bearish forecasts so far:

Stan Druckenmiller (May 4 at the Ira Sohn Conference): “Get out of the stock market.”
George Soros (June 9, as reported in The Wall Street Journal): “The billionaire hedge fund founder and philanthropist recently directed a series of big, bearish investments, according to people close to the matter.”
Carl Icahn (June 9, on CNBC): “I don’t think you can have (near) zero interest rates for much longer without having these bubbles explode on you,” while also saying it’s difficult to assess when exactly that might occur.
Bill Gross (in his monthly investment letter): “I don’t like bonds. I don’t like most stocks. I don’t like private equity.”
Jeff Gundlach (Aug 01): “The artist Christopher Wool has a word painting, ‘Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids.’ That’s exactly how I feel sell everything. Nothing here looks good.”

They may end up being right… only time will tell.

Source: CNBC

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