Wild animals thieves are running around Sao Paulo entering and robbing restaurants and their clients at peak times of the day.

Sweet… not!

Armed with machine guns and pistols, four thieves made on March 16th the ninth “arrastao” of the year in Sao Paulo restaurants. The target this time was the restaurant Galeto’s on Alameda Santos (Jardins neighborhood). The other 8 cases cases were registered in the areas of Vila Madalena and Pinheiros. So far, no one was arrested.

Watch below the video recorded in one of the robbed restaurants (Nello’s), where 60 clients were assaulted in only 4 minutes …

The other 8 “arrastoes” in Sao Paulo are listed below…

February 12
At 23:30, four thieves entered the Sakkana Suji, at Rua Teodoro Sampaio (Pinheiros). What was stolen: credit cards, phones, watches.

February 13
Two hours later, the Japanese restaurant Kioku, at Rua Lacerda Franco (Vila Madalena), was robbed by four men.

February 23
Rothko, at Rua Wizard (Vila Madalena), was invaded by five robbers, who stole R$4,000, bottles of whiskey, checks, cards and cell phones.

February 24
Four men entered the La Trattoria, at Rua Antonio Bicudo (Pinheiros), and stole jewelry, iPhones and R$ 615.

March 2
Four men robbed a restaurant at Mourato Coelho (Vila Madalena).

March 3
A Japanese restaurant located at Rua Mateus Grou (Pinheiros) was attacked.

March 8
Another “arrastao” at Pinheiros neighborhood (Francisco Leitão).

March 9
Another Japanese restaurant in Vila Madalena is the target of bandits – this time at Rua Jerico.

It seems like these animals enjoy Japanese and Italian food…

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