Have you ever been shaken down for a red envelope in China or hit up for a deal “sweetener” in Russia? Companies from these countries are most likely to engage in bribery, according to a survey released on Wednesday by corruption watchdog Transparency International. The 2011 Bribe Payers Index ranks 28 of the world’s largest economies according to the perceived likelihood of companies from these countries to pay bribes abroad. The good news for Brazil is that the country is the least corrupt out of the BRICS block. Here is the rank from most to least corrupt:
1- Russia
2- China
3- Mexico
4- Indonesia
5- United Arab Emirates
6- Argetina
7- Saudi Arabia
8- Turkey
9- India
10- Taiwan
11- South Africa
12- Malaysia
13- Italy
14- Hong Kong
15- Brazil
16- South Korea
17- Spain
18- France
19- USA
20- UK
21- Singapore
22- Canada
23- Australia
24- Japan
25- Germany
26- Belgium
27- Switzerland
28- Netherlands
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